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Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge 2022

Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge 2022
Registration Begins
Last Day To Register
10455 W. 6th Avenue, Ste. 150
Lakewood, CO 80215, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

Scouts must have earned the First Aid requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class AND will need to be completed in Scoutbook for requirement before they can earn the completed Blue Card.

Scouts will learn the vital skills to save themselves and others from hazardous situations. guided by our staff experienced in the field of emergency medicine. Scouts will have the opportunity to earn their Emergency Preparedness merit badge in a single day intensive course. Please make sure you have your Scoutbook (or other method) to verify that you have reached the rank of First class.

Please note the following:

  • Please bring paper and pencil
  • Lunch is not provided- sack lunch and drink
  • Please bring Scout’s Scoutbook (or other way to verify First Class rank)
  • Please bring signed BSA Health Form parts A & B

The following are out of class homework requirements. After finishing the homework for this class, turn in to CAPhomework@gmail.com.

  • Requirement 1: Earn the First Aid Merit Badge. (The Scout does not need to earn First Aid BEFORE starting Emergency Prep.  It just needs to complete before Emergency Prep is complete.)
  • Requirement 2c: Meet with and teach your family how to get or build a kit, make a plan, and be informed of the situations on the chart you created for requirement 2b. Complete a family plan. Then meet with your counselor and report on your family meeting, discuss their responses, and share your family plan.
  • Requirement 7a: Take part in an emergency service project, either a real one or a practice drill, with a Scouting unit or a community agency. (Sometimes completed in class using CAP procedure)
  • Requirement 9:  Do ONE of the following:

a. Using a safety checklist approved by your counselor, inspect your home for potential hazards. Explain the hazards you find and how they can be corrected.
b. Review or develop a plan of escape for your family in case of fire in your home.
c. Develop an accident prevention program for five family activities outside the home (such as taking a picnic or seeing a movie) that includes an analysis of possible hazards, a proposed plan to correct those hazards, and the reasons for the corrections you propose.

(C can be done in class, the others should be done at home)

Colorado Adventure Point is located on the west side of Hamilton Scout Headquarters.

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$35.00 per Participant
Cancellation Policy
Please check your calendars and plan ahead accordingly. Colorado Adventure Point has a firm no refund policy.