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♦  Please know that any and all information posted here could change as plans are finalized  ♦   

Here in the information that is known so far:

♦ Three Rivers District is hosting Biathlon on Saturday, February 25th, 2023.

♦ Location: Sylvan Lake; outside of Eagle, CO

♦ Cost: TBD

♦ Are Cub Scouts welcome to participate? Absolutely!

The Cub Scout piece will happen Saturday morning from 9am to noon and will involve their own activities

♦ Registration should be open the week after Christmas

♦ Will food be provided? lunch only  

                               Units will be responsible for all other food they might need                                       

♦ ​Camping opportunities: not as part of the weekend activities, but - 

if your troop would like to camp Friday night, you are welcome to do that.

You can also camp Saturday night, or even both nights (remember - it will be cold so plan accordingly)

♦ If your unit has any scouts that might be interested in participating in the pistol shooting, see below

♦ Pit toilets are available

Program overview:                                                                                                                                                                                           What is Biathlon?  Historically, Biathlon is a Nordic skiing event that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. Since this is BSA, we get to change it up and make it a combination of shooting stations and skill stations. The shooting stations will include shotgun, rifle, and slingshot. The skill stations will include fire building, knot tying, first aid, winter shelter building and a sled inspection/race.

         There will be an extra activity on Sunday that will be pistol shooting, but will only be for Venture Crews and Sea Scouts, and only after they have taken the safety courses that will be provided at this event. If your unit has any scouts that might be interested in participating in this event, they will need to be age 13 and have completed eighth grade, or be 14 years of age and up. They will also need to camp overnight on Saturday - the event is being run Sunday. They will also need to register with a crew or ship to participate. A dual registration doesn't cost more money. More information on that to come also.

         You will not be required to know how to ski for this event, however, your unit will need to bring a sled to carry gear. It is also important that each scout have a pair of snowshoes to navigate the course. The snow will be too deep to comfortably navigate. You can either make or rent your snowshoes. Places to rent: Board and Buckle; CMU's Outdoor Program; REI; Summit Canyon Mountaineering. 

Stayed tuned for more information as it becomes available, and let's plan on having a great time!