Who has a User ID and Password, and what are the benefits of logging on?

  1. If you have ever registered for an event a user profile was created along with a User ID and Password. By logging in you will be able to review all past registrations, donations and store orders. In addition, for some events you can make payments and update your registration.
  2. If you ever signed up for an eList you created a profile with a User ID and Password. To update your eList selection you will need to log in.
  3. Some people have been given administration rights for certain parts of the system and will need to logon in order to perform these functions.

If you do not currently have a User ID, then sign up here!

If you know your User ID and Password, then here.

If you don’t know your User ID and/or Password, then get it here. To obtain your Password, enter your User ID. To obtain your User ID, enter your email address. If the system finds a user profile associated with that email address it will send the User ID and Password. Note it is possible that for a given email address there are multiple user profiles in which case you will be emailed multiple User ID’s and Passwords.